What is "Sell and Lease Back"? (Real Estate)

Sell-and-leaseback is a financial transaction where company sells own property to a leasing company, leases it a certain period and transfers it to the lessee again at the end of the leasing contract. There is a VAT exempt for these kind of transaction,%0 VAT when purchasing the Real Estate and on installments. In additon to this, income from the booked and sold value difference is exempt from the corporate income tax. Title deed fees is set at 0.455%. Operation is exempt from stamp duty and fees.

  • Preferred Real Estate types for ING Lease;
    • Offices, stores
    • Logistics / Warehouse
    • Manufacturing places
    • Factory in Organized Industrial Zones (Restricted)
  • Non-preferred / Excluded Real Estate types for ING Lease;
    • Land
    • Industrial Plants
    • Car Showroom
    • Hotel
    • House, residence
    • Cafe - Bar, Restaurant
    • Hospitals, Schools, Parks, Gas Stations etc.